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Candidate Ward#13,Toronto/2014,October/27th

Fighting for the forgotten nonverbal autistics,,,Fundraiser for Autism

  TAR, ISTVAN, Independent Candidate to represent Parkdale-High Park, Toronto, ON. October 27/2014 email: ttistvan@yahoo.ca

I edited my Economic and Political Studies in 1995-1996. I explained how should look like a mistakeless society (in Hungary and in the World). My work is a discovery. That happened during this past 20 years,what I forecasted. I saw the evilness and the consequences the "collapses" as a result of irresponsible leathership. If the public do not learn how important is the critical view in the every day's life, the public, the citizen will pay with sufferings.. That happening...and that will continouesly happening, the collapses in the World, I am a Visioner. Man-made mistakes, errors, evilness, leading to wrong way, against the society! The domino-fall system is getting worst for the future, I have serious things to say ! (Now is :2014), Wake up peoples!  -Don't let the evils to win on elections... The millionaire want ONE MORE MILLION for himself, but not for you a dollar!

* That for is the Pan-American games in Toronto, not to lift up the poor, not to eliminate poverty! / That will be a tragedy if one of the two millionaire win on the mayoral election!

 * If I don't win on this election, next year I run again on the provincial. Hopefully I will have money until that time. Believe it or not, I spent 220 (two hundred twenty CAD) on this election, so far, because I am poor by myself, I am living on ODSP_$800/mo! ** Vote in a responsible way!  HELP the POOR, HELP the GOOD with YOUR VOTE! * If you voted to your money hunter, carrierist friend, selfish friend, you must regret it now!                                                                                                                              

* I can't do yet what I say,                                                                                                                      small and larger changes may, help,                                                                                                     Your vote will give me way,                                                                                                                    Than I can do what you say!

I represent the non-party members:                                                      Non-Party Members Party, When X-Y party rep. win, the others are expelled from the representation. The non-party members, (the majority of the public) need representation!

I want to represent the ward #13 & #14 in case, The non members of political parties, all the autistic childrens & adults their families in Toronto, all the Hungarians in Ontario.

The Canadian economy is fixable within 1-2 years, ?Question? *Do they want it, or Not ? * The Toronto mayoral applicants programs all contains good points and bad/wrong points. Among the  3  main applicants Olivia Chow is the closest to my views.                                                                                       

My advices:                                                                                                                                               Istvan TAR/ Tar István’s campaign, ward # 13                                                                                           Candidate for Ward #13, High-Park elections 2014 October  27th                                                                                  

/Will be repeated on next year's Provincial elections, 2015 OCTOBER/

 * I am a Political refugee from Hungary in 1980, through a Greek refugee camp,


Motivation: “Non of the existing parties represents my views and problems”

My points, and offers for the ward #13

 -1) Clean, dustless, safety High-Park,

-2) High Park as a tourist destination, the present park not attractive for tourism, nothing to see there!

-3) Noise-free, relaxing walking space, to reduce stress and anxiety,

-4) Sanatoriums, well known part of the city. 

-5) Signs for the wards # 1-…#44 th  

  - My points, and offers for the city of Toronto:

 - Clean city, no dust, no sand fly to the eyes, cloths, nose, lung,

   -        Carry out by sprinkler trucks; make the sidewalks and road sand and garbage free,

-           Health care, avoid the illnesses, job creations, better public feeling/sentiment,

-      Accupuncture / natural healing /must be recognised by succesful doctors, (not necessary all of them...)

-           Public inspectors to prevent small crimes at business places, (Complaint book, black point, -green points system)

-           "Save the business" program, (if some owner close down his/her business for what ever reason, the city will continue, to serve the public)

-           Training for entrepreneurs, before opening,

-           Full employment, (98% of the population can work if able to), within 1-2 years.

-           City bank, (owned by the city),

-           Government housing solutions, homeless peoples, families need help to move to other towns, cities, for a better situation. Homeless single need a bachelor apartment, bachelor resident need a one bedroom, one bedroom resident need a 2 bedroom in a new Capital city of Ontario, for example in Sudbury. / Let's build there a "North-Bury", and the two will be: 900,000-1 million size large city, which swallowes all the homeless in Ontario. Huge work openings for hundreds of thousends of workers there.

-           City Owned superstores, mostly food, for examples to other businesses, to feed the population much better,

-           Strong DOLLAR, no more inflation in Canada, PRICE CONTROL, Quality control,

-           Landlord – tenant, rent, cleanness control, (Health care related)... The tenant must know what he/she paying for,

-           The representative, Councillor, MPP., MP.,must be trustworthy, answer to the clients,  

-           More rights for Councillors, M.P.’s, M.P.P.’s for intervene in critical cases as a first opinion,

-           Election reform, (Every strata, ethnic group must be reprezented) Must have "none of above" column,

-       Missleading representatives must resigne, when obviously, they are not there to represent the people, as they promised.!!!

-           Complaint office in the city hall, (also advice office for uninformed citizens), Also advice possibilities for the city by citizens,

-           Lunch to workers by employers on job place,

-           Thirteenth month paycheque in the end of the year, (profit share for workers),

-           Ethnic groups must have at least one Community Centre,

-           Every type of glass and plastic collection,

-           Internet computer access for the low income public, (the job search and library far away not enough).

-      Toronto must open an autism care & support department, including speach-therapy, and housing. Specially designed (round, wheel shaped) group-home apartments, with services in the middle. Same style homes (housing) for other disabled peoples.../One employee can see/observe all of the inmates, tenants/

-           In the School:

-           Uniforms for the students,

-           -Behavior, etiquette, good behavior as a subject matter,

-           -Sport as a subject matter,

-           -World religions as a subject matter,

-           Cooking, healthy food, nourishment, subject matter,

-           For the right orthography,(right spelling) learn/teach 1 year Latin, (Must have exam from that),

-          As a Canadian citizen everyone should be able to visit the homeland at least once in 10 years.

-       More and more... ask me, I tell you, I have answer to any question ! 


This election (happened on Oct.27th/2014) is coming out with an unfair, unbelievable, over-writed/rewrited, falcificated, result, against me!  [I had only 220$ for this champaign!]

-I printed, delivered "to door to door" 3150 flyers, promoting to help the poor & help the good". That message/proposal is coming out from my heart, mind and soul. I want to live in that Canada, what I thought it is look like 34 years ago!

* It is impossible to receiving only 110 votes, out of 3150 possibilities!!!!

- I am that, who understand and support the maximum equality in the society.

-I want the hard copies to recount, because  (4) four years ago happened the same thing, when I did run/applied for the Councillor position. ! Someone there is against my ideas, my greatness, helpfulness, honesty and my Hungarian origin nationality!

-Someone doesn't want an outspoken person in the City's Parliament!

-I need the public help, I need your help, in case to spend hours to recount all the hard copies of the ballot sheets,

-Please help the poor and the good ones!

 Your Sincelery friend:

 Please step in to contact with me,,,,

 Tar, István






title: I Mr.Tar, Istvan want to represent the poor:                                  Help the poor,Help the Good Party